Rak’n’Roll "Percent Beer" (2018) 1:35 (Poland)

The Rak’n’Roll charity foundation has been working to improve the quality of life of cancer patients. But like all charities, it is often difficult to raise donations. Grey Poland has a solution: beer! Working with Inne Beczki, a local brewery, created a new beer brand and turned it into a self-sufficient donation engine. For every bottle sold, they donated .50 Eurocents to the foundation. The remaining income was spent on brewing the next batch of beer. Even better, they gave they named the beer after the registered charity number. If people added it to their tax forms, the donation would be transferred to Rak’n’Roll. As a result, for the tax year end, they'd already gathered 50% more tax based charity donations than in 2017. Also cool: the woman featured in the commercial is a cancer survivor. Really nice work.

Client: Rak’n’Roll Agency: Grey Poland

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