Ray Ban - Bright light - app case study

Spring is finally here again, which means that people are getting back outside to hang out in the sun. But finding the right sunspot isn't always easy, especially if you live in a big city where buildings are covering the sun. To show that Ray Ban is a brand that cares about their customers we introduced "Bright Light", it's an application that helps people to get the most out of the sun and their sunglasses.

Nice case study from the Berghs School of communication students Rickard Beskow, Eva Wallmark and Michal Sitkiewicz.

Berghs School of communication, Stockholm Sweden
Art Director: Eva Wallmark, Michal Sitkiewicz
Copywriter: Rickard Beskow

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Is this our necessity? Really? Unbelievable.

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Here's the portfolio of the creative team from Berghs.