Real Complainers VOTE - Campaign from Third Street guilts you to vote.

Real Complainers vote is a campaign from Third Street, and the posters that you can download here to plaster all over your walls are quite funny.

There are truisms, and then there are “really truisms.” And one of them is the notion that a person doesn’t have the right to complain, if he or she didn’t bother to vote. Democrat, Republican, or fiercely Independent - it is a rally cry that transcends political affiliations. And yet while the number of complainers continues to increase, those who express their feelings in the voting booth continues to decrease.

Got that people? You may not complain until you actually cast a vote. Then if you're (un)lucky you might even be able to use the magic "We'll I didn't vote for him" bullet. The real complainers are griping everywhere, even on twitter @complainersvote

Featuring the voice talents of improv comedian TJ Miller and the artistic expressions of seriously stylin' street artist Ray Noland, Real Complainers Vote takes a humorous look at how the USA isn’t just comprised of complainers; it was founded and built by them. Give me your whining, your bellyaching. Your kvetching masses yearning to bitch free. Oh that's not how it goes? You could have fooled me.

Third Street Chief Creative Officer David T. Jones sums up the essence of the campaign: “We know that we don’t need to convince Americans to complain. We only need to convince them that complaining has a cover charge. And that cover charge is voting.”

True that. Now vote like your next four years of grumbling depends on it. Will this make a dent among the young voters? The posters are fun, swearing and sharable enough to spread, I reckon.

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