The Real Zoo

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And this is the true story of two strangers, picked to live in a zoo to find out what happens when animals stop being polite and start getting real. The Real Zoo.

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OMG! How sad. :(

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Sloth bears are now known as bad-ass monkey slayers.

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Turns out I had a heartstring left after all.

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You should be so happy that you don't read Duth (I assume). I read the news about this there and nearly sobbed for the poor creature. Was something like: The macaque so much smaller in proportion to the bear is frightened into a panic, and jumped/fell into the canal, but in the fall the electrical wire has gone with it in. Violently shocking the macaque as it sits to its shoulders in water, as it dare not go up on land where the bears are.

Talk about rock and hard place. It sat there getting electrocuted until it couldn't deal anymore. *cries*