Red Bull really does give you wings

Red Bull has sponsored Felix Baumgartner the base jumper. This Friday that really paid off as Felix jumped from a helicopter onto the Turning Torso in Malmö, a.k.a our new hometown, and then off that! Shame I missed it but it was very early in the morning, thankfully we have this film to see how it went. The stunt was reported all over the Swedish media, so I gather Red Bull is getting a lot of press for their money, tabloids Aftonbladet, and Expressen reported. Morning papers Svenska Dagbladet, local Sydsvenskan (southern swedish paper) and Dagens Nyheter. TV Channel 4 news. Previously daredevil Baumgartner crossed the English channel flying with only a pair of glass fibre wings for a full six minutes, see images here, among other Red bull branded stunts.

Client: Red Bull

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