Redirecting agency homepages due to lost bet

We searched, and can't find it in the Chicago Sun Times on the web, but Room 116, tells the story which explains that the current state of Hadrian's Wall ad agency website is all due to a lost bet to Boone Oakley.

Seems Kevin Lynch the Bears fan bet David Oakley the Panthers fan that if the Panthers win, the Hadrian's Wall website will inform its visitors that BooneOakley is a much better agency and leave it up for a week. If the Bears win the opposite would be done.

Unlucky for Kevin Lynch, the Panthers did win. Check the Hadrian's Wall site

This bet probably worked out real well for both of them, as we are all checking out their sites now. ;)

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Damn right. Funny.

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Really nice web design on Boone O's website too.

I'm looking forward to poking Marylin in hell.