Redwell threatened by Red Bull for their name? Red Bull says no.

Meet Redwell Breweries, a very small new brewery that only employs eight people, yet still manages to produce five different & very tasty beers. These people are crafty, and not just beer crafty, as they have bootstrapped their way into a very sleek looking brand already by asking the talented students at Norwhich University of Arts to design their look. The result is a modern design with a brand mark featuring an hourglass to represent the the importance of the longer brewing time. The label itself is shaped like a classic deli-line ticket, which reinforces that good beer comes to those who wait.
Now, how to get the word out, so more people than just those who frequent the pub on Redwell Street in Norwich finds out about this beer? They got very lucky, as Eveningnews24 reports "Red Bull in war with Norwhich's Redwell brewing". It appears that Red Bull knee-jerk mailed Redwell a letter, protesting the trademarking of the word Redwell which "comprises Red Bull’s earlier trademark ‘red’ as a whole, which is a prima facie for the similarity of signs."

“Moreover, all trademarks consist solely of English words and contain the common element ‘red’. The term ‘well’ is merely descriptive and therefore of no distinctive character at all.
Furthermore the term ‘bull’ and the term ‘well’ share the same ending and just differ in two letters.
The ending ‘ll’ is identical and therefore the terms Red Bull and Redwell are confusingly similar from a visual as well from a phonetical point of view.

Worried that "the consumer will be confused as to the origin of the services" with all these "RED" names, the letter was sent. Since Redwell isn't a soda pop, like Big Red, or an energy drink like Red elixir or red rain, you guys at Redwell really have nothing to worry about. You can toss that letter... or .. you can call up the nearest reporter and get some free earned media. What a godsend! It's advertising without having to hire an agency.

Red Bull on the other hand, deny this name row issuing a statement:

"There is no dispute here. Red Bull has long been willing to allow Redwell to maintain its mark for beer so long as they do not use it for energy drinks. Redwell's solicitor has agreed to this."

So that's settled then, on to the pub!

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