Reebok ZPump Fusion 2.0 "See how it works" (2016) 1:00 (USA)

Some crazy motion graphics and live action going on it to explain Reebok's ZPump Fusion shoe. Pretty crazy stuff. Reebok had that pump stuff going on back in the late 80's early 90's, and this is the latest and greatest version. And let me tell you, compared to the early 90's commercials, this is eons away. This is a much more visceral approach.

director: weareflink @ Joinery
creative lead: Niko Tziopanos
executive producer: Andreas Lampe & Gerard Cantor
producer: Claudius Gebele
head of production: Ross Girard
vfx artists: Daniel Balzer, Holger Biebrach, Carlo Grunwald, Martin Hess,
Myrna Kinnman, Philipp von Preuschen
editor: Sabine Panek
music & sound design: Supreme Music, Germany

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