Reef N' Beef - If it's not Australian it's not on the menu - print, Denmark

Rebekka Ehlers shot these funny animals trying to be something that they are not for Saatchi&Saatchi Copenhagen and their client Reef N' Beef.

Agency: Saatchi&Saatchi Copenhagen
Photographer : Rebekka Ehlers
Creative Director: Simon Wooler
Art Director: David Ebbesen, Tobias Ambs-Thomsen
Copywriter: Simon Wooler
Post production: Jesper Gori at green lemon

AnonymousCoward's picture
mpared's picture

very nice... although showing animals to be eaten in any ad i found them to be a bit macabre !! ;0(

purplesimon's picture

I like the animals too, but feel that it's trying a bit too hard to push the message.

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