Registered Gas Installers "Even if it's Daniel" (2016) :30 (Ireland)

Registered Gas Installers of Ireland want you to know that you should always, and I mean always use a registered installer to look at your boiler. Doesn't matter who comes in your home. Not even if it's singer Daniel O'Donnell and you are literally his number one fan. Sad to say I had to look him up; his greatness hasn't hit L.A. yet. Even without context it's quite funny though. The woman turns on a dime when he asks if he can look at her boiler, and throws him out. By the way we love posting ads from Irish ad agencies. The names in the credits couldn't get more Irish if you tried.

Client: Registered Gas Installers of Ireland
Agency: Rothco
Agency Producer: Stevi Russell
Art Director: Ciara Rapple/Stephen Rogers
Copywriter: Frances O’Rourke
Finished Art: Gerry Cole
Senior Account Manager: Annie Tidy
Strategy: Patrick Ronaldson/Brona Kilkelly
Photography: Kevin Griffin
Director/Photographer: David Kerr
Photography Retoucher: Happy Finish
Music: Daniel O’Donnell
Post Production: Screenscene
Producer: Jonny Speers
Post Production Supervisor: Peter Greene
Editor: Jake Walshe
Sound: Mutiny

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