Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago: Hornets.

I once knew a creative director on a mediocre account who loved to throw the word "rock star" around whenever he could, as if by saying it, it meant he was one. I never knew what he meant exactly, because his work was as mediocre as the account he lead. So at the risk of offending mediocre creative directors everywhere, let me say this-- you are not rock stars.

You know who is a rock star though? Art director turned full-time photographer Rob Gregory. In 2011, The guy lost one of his legs to synovial sarcoma, a particularly nasty type of cancer. An avid sports lover, Rob missed being active. When he discovered wheelchair basketball, though the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, the switch flipped. Here, he could not only be active again, but also share in a common sensibility with his teammates.

Rob's coach asked if he would create some ads for the team and Rob obliged with as much passion as his newfound way of playing the game. Like all great advertising, it took a minute for the brainstorm pencil sketch to come to life. But with the help of some teammates, Rob was able to put together a campaign that created awareness about the sport, but gave a lot back to the people who inspired him.

If that's not a definition of a rock star I don't know what is.

Client: Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
Photographer: Rob Gregory
Art Director: Rob Gregory
Copywriter: Matt Kaminsky
Talent: Leomar Leyva, Joey Gugliotta, Maurice Reynolds

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That last flying shot is the bomb. Nice!

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Thanks man!