Rep. Honda: Another democrat exploiting workers for cheap.

First President Obama solicited poster ideas for free. Posters that had the theme of "job creation." Despite sitting on 60 million dollars in campaign funding, he wanted us to work for free.

Now U.S. representative Mike Honda is crowdsourcing his website redesign for a paltry $1,050 dollars.

The press release makes it sound so magnanimous:

The purpose of Rep. Honda’s website redesign/crowd-sourcing effort is to continue his goal of sweeping in Government 2.0, where the public’s ability to access and provide advice to Members of Congress is enhanced by new technology and new online participation.

“Congress must take advantage of Web 2.0 technologies,” said Rep. Honda, “to transform the relationship between citizens and government. Instead of viewing the public as a customer for services, I believe that we should empower citizens to become our partners in shaping the future of our nation.”

How about you empower citizens by paying them their worth? You want a website design for little over a thousand dollars? Are you fucking kidding me? This is job creation and empowerment? You who feed at the public trough and suck up our tax dollars? Especially in the People's Republic of California where you haven't met a tax you didn't like? In this mismanaged state where California Parks department threatens to shut down because they have no money, only to "find," 2.3 billion later?

The amount of cash that's our there, and you are okay with lowballing constituents in general or working people specifically to this extent? This is acceptable behavior?

Rep Honda: Take your Government 2.0 and piss off.

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But..what's the big deal? We can pay rent with exposure, likes and kudos, can't we? Just like how we paid for our champagne and concorde travels in the late nineties with shares & stocks in all sorts of startups that imploded. It's worked before! Lets do it again!

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