Revista Líbero "LÍBERO SCHOOL" / Teenage daughter (2016) :30 (Spain)

When you are the father of a teenage girl, you should understand that she needs privacy. She needs space. There are things you learn from. Your age tells you. That spray line tells you.....

See, if you explain with football, they get it.

Innovation that has revolutionized football fields everywhere is now within everyone's reach. An extraordinary invention, that helps men understand the required distance for any situation in life. get yours now!

"Libero Spray is the same as using referees to explain to a player what is the required distance in a free kick. Our innovative product works the same way in order to explain to any man how much distance he needs to maintain from the TV remote, a diary, or even a person,” explains Diego Barcala, Director of the magazine. “We are thrilled at how the campaign strategy has moved into the territory of product development while keeping the concept, humor and insights that have made our brand grow.”

See also Bedroom, the Disco dancer, and night in . See also the long edit Libero Spray

ad agency: LOLA MullenLowe, Spain

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