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RFSU's "shavethepussy.com" closed down - in English only.

Åkestam Holst produced a web campaign and print campaign for RFSU's new products - available only at the Swedish Apoteket (Pharmacy) - an entire series of creams soaps and gels designed to give a better shave down under. A soap that does not lather so that you may see where you're shaving? Check, the got that. An after-shave soothing gel? Check, they got that too.

The print campaign had an English version up at shavethepussy.com - that is, until yesterday when it sudenly closed. But the Swedish site http://fiffi.rfsu.com/ is still available for those of you who simply can't get enough of shaving new do's. The difference between the sites is the language of course and some features.

I rang up RFSU and Apoteket and finally Åkestam Holst yesterday to find out why the English language site was closed down.
Jerker Winther, account manager at Åkestam explained: "Well, it wasn't really meant to be out there anyway. We made an English version to show off to people at advertising agencies for award reasons." Award reasons? It's not exactly award season, we're you aiming for any award in particular? "No not like that, you see, we sent to people who might be on juries or that we just wanted to show it to. It wasn't meant to go any further than that. But you know how it is, with anything that is good and freely available on the web, people started sending it around." And you shut it down? Isn't becoming popular the goal here? "Well, we found that it was rather unnecessary for RFSU to get calls about where people in the UK may purchase the products. Since the products are not available in English speaking countries, there's no reason to keep it up." So traffic (as in too much of it) had nothing to do with it?. "No, hell, traffic is free. The English site was just finished with its job."

So for you who miss shaving pussy I can recommend cock-a-doodle where you can doodle cocks instead, created by Poke London.

They're supposed to evoke the fifties feeling but with that font I'm thinking it looks more like 1900's.

Agency: Åkestam Holst
Client: RFSU

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