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Rick Wilson travels back in time to shame Domino's, gets ass handed to him.

In today's Boomer news, Republican Strategist Rick Wilson attempted to pwn Domino's pizza today for committing the sin of responding to a Tweet that Donald Trump's Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany made to Domino's.

In 2012.

Rick Wilson, who is a long time Republican strategist and describes himself as an "ad-guy" weighed in on this controversy. 

It is weird to me that someone who describes themselves a Republican (presumably a capitalist) would have a hard time understanding that Domino's would like to sell pizza to as many people as possible regardless of their political persuasions because they are a business who sells pizza to people and not say, a political pundit who mocks the base he supposedly represents.

It is also equally weird to me that self-described "ad guy" would not know how earned media works. Believe me, Domino's earned a boatload of it today. And with Twitter being the outrage fest that it is, every media outlet will be plastering the word Domino's on its front page.

It is not surprising however that a boomer would not take the three seconds required to see when a Tweet was written.

Regardless, considering Rick Wilson's affiliations and apparent love of the Confederate flag, he really shouldn't be throwing stones. 

If you'd care to read about the supposed sordid details, you can do so here. You might need a shower after though.

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