Ricochet "Meetings between passionate people" (2017) 1:14 (France)

Lots of steamy eroticism going on in the bowling alley in this ad for brand new app Ricochet, which promises to not be like those other lusty dating apps that pretend to be about long-term relationships, but are really used for short-term boning. The misdirect arrives sixty seconds into the film when the droning, passionless British voice-over finally shows emotion by asking "Why are dating sites always based on sex and lust? Why not meet around a common passion?"
Well. uh, I would dare say to the people who use such dating apps boning is a common passion. Setting that aside for a second, does anyone believe a so-called "friending app," won't be used for the exact same reason all the other dating apps are used? "Oh, you're into cricket? Great, let's go see a match. And then bone."
I mean the app was designed by French people after all. Who are we kidding?
Jokes aside, I do have to hand it to the strategy. Set yourself apart from the slew of apps already out there. Position yourself as being "other." There's no way to control human nature of course, but at least you're standing out. Although I'm not sure how effective the tactic of using sex to sell a supposedly non-sex based app will be in the long run.

Client: Ricochet
Founder: Christophe Campuzan
Marketing/Communications: Albane Weil (JAW Conseil)
Agency: Gloryparis
Creative Directors: Arnaud Le Bacquer, Hugues Pinguet
Commercial Director: Jean-Baptiste Herman
Account Executive: Meriem Bouthiba
Art Directors: Gabriel Bonnefond, Romain Martineau
Production: Wanda
Director: Fred Leveugle
Director of photography: Antoine Vié
Composer: Yves Prevel
Making-of: Tom Peyrat
Voice-over: Ginnie Watson
Social media, e-PR & PR:
Charles Chemin (Baskets Chaussettes)
Georges-André Tabet (UPP)

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