RIFT "Water balloon" (2015) :30 (USA)

Tired of your boring old MMO? Then get a load of RIFT. This RPG is thumbing its nose at the community and telling them to wake the eff up and try something new.

Agency: High Wide & Handsome
CCO: Mike Wolfsohn
CD/Writer: Matt Garthoff, Damian Fraticelli
CD/AD: Jarrett Farls
Agency Producer: Ginny Turner
Associate Producer: Sheena Ruffin
Director of Client Services: Magnus Morgan
VFX Company: Ring of Fire

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The opening scene reminded me of the old Ratchet and Clank sort of reality based ads. Remember The sheepinator? "Dude! That's my mom! Dude!"

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2003-2004 was the year of "spend a lot of money to make our ads look low-rent." Remember the pissed off ex-girlfriend Toyota ad?

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Yes because the "pretend reality" thing was an easy trick in order to go viral among the gullible? I remember when people thought that Toyota Meteor ad was real footage. Pfft.