Risqué Tongue billboard complaint upheld in NZ

New Zealand's ASA has upheld the complaint of shoe retailer Tongue's risqué billboard ad, finding it indecent.

This isn't the first time Tongue's ads have brought about complaints to the ASA. In the past, other ads, created by Adworks Ogilvy, have also caused raised eyebrows around the island.

Read on to see the "offending" images.

Wording along side the image read: "In a recent survey, 95 per cent of women said they liked tongue ..."

In 2004 this ad went through the complaint wringer:

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Cripes! crepes! I dunno! Crappers!

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i like the "le coq sportif" logo placement in the first one -- just enough to get it in the frame, and add a little more of that oh so offensive content to the ad :)

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i'm more offended that it is a stupid visual pun.

god please dont' let puns be making a comeback again. please.

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Look in Archive. They never left. ;)

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aye! I predict a trend for 2006 are visual puns in languages nobody understands! ;P