RKCR/Y&R announce agency rebrand to put Mark Roalfe's initial first

As seen in campaign, RKCR/Y&R will be going through a rebrand.

In a recent interview, a spokesperson for RKCR/Y&R stated that Mark Roalfe has mandated that the first letter of his surname is now brought to the forefront of the agency name. Until now, Roalfe’s name appeared last in the agency acronym that represents all four founding members (Rainey, Kelly, Campbell and Roalfe). It seems Roalfe has always been somewhat unhappy about the ‘ranking’ of the agency’s founders, and after 21 years has finally called for a change. According to one source, at the time when the original agency name was being chosen at Roalfe’s home by the four founders, Roalfe was making everyone a cup of tea, and in his absence was outvoted on the order of the names by Rainey, Kelly and Campbell.

Consequently, the agency is currently going through a “massive” rebranding phase, according to another internal source, while they work on updating all agency branding, both on and offline, with the new agency acronym.

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