Rodney District Council - Road Safety "Crash" - Ambient (2008) :50 (New Zealand)

Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand created this "installation" and poster at one of the busiest roads in New Zealand which forces people to slow down and read the billboard.

Mike O«sullivan (Executive Creative Director)
Stephen de Wolf (Creative)
John Koay (Creative)
Veronica Copestake (Creative)
Luke Chess (Creative)
Alicia Williams (Producer)
Account Supervisor: James Polhill
Client: Jacki Dawson
Cameraman: Sean Rundle
Photographer: George Passmmore

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I'm not sure that wouldn't piss me off.

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I think it could be very effective. Though it's not the rubbernecking that makes you slow down, it's to avoid hitting debris/people/cops and random cars scattered about.