Rolling Stones Rice Crispies ad from 1964 - Snap! Crackle! Beat!

Brian Jones co-wrote this jingle with the J. Walter Thompson ad agency in 1964. The advert is a parody of a UK game show called, "Juke Box Jury". The jingle is really sticky too, this is great.

Client: Rice Crispies
Ad Agency: JWT

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Odd how "YOUTUBE" is suddenly getting so much saturation, everywhere that has to do with the ad biz. I never heard of it a month ago, the main site was ifilm. It all started with the VW stuff being passed around.

I actually read on another blog an anonymous comment that claimed VW's agency paid Youtube to feature the VW spot up top so it would garner so many hits.

I don't claim to know whether that's true or not, but considering the amount of 'sponsored' content nowadays, it makes sense.

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iFilm does user-submissions now? Kewl, so there's youtube, google video, putfile and ifilm where you can seed for free these days? Some seeding sites who charge should start getting real worried/re-do their business plans now then. ;)

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