Rolling Stones - The Steves - (2015) :60 (Argentina)

...."Why do I have to feel so bad, in order to look good?" "How come we've landed on the moon, yet we still can't make a toupé that doesn't look like a toupé?" these questions and many more are asked by an army of Steve Jobs clones, all wearing the poorly fitting black turtleneck, jeans and white sneakers. The ad targets young adults in Argentina, encouraging them to "Question Everything" and the ad closes with showing the 2011 Rolling Stone cover: "The Steve Jobs Nobody Knew."

Not sure how this relates to the magazine, but as a skit it's pretty funny.

Client: Rolling Stone
Agency: The Community
Chief Creative Officers: Joaquin Molla, Jose Molla
Executive Creative Officers: Ramiro Raposo, Fernando Sosa
Art Director: Fernando Zagales
Copywriter: Juan Mesz
Group Account Director: Sebastian Diaz
Account Executive: Lucas Saez
Audiovisual Producer: Matias Castro
Responsible for the Client: Branowski Bárbara, Paula Rottenbücher
Production Company: Barry Company
Director: Mariana Youssef
Director of Photography: Adolpho Veloso
First Assistant Director: Elton Takii
Art Director: Guilherme Marini
Production Director: Tadeu Piantino
Wardrobe: Heloisa Cobra
Account Manager: Juliana Martellotta
Executive Producer: Krysse Mello
Editors: Alexandre Boechat, Rodolpho Ponzio
Postproduction: Fulano Filmes
Postproduction Coordinator: Karina Vallesi
Postproduction Supervisor: Ale Cois
Assistant Postproduction Supervisor: Sabrina Comar
Sound: Animal
Music Production: André Caccia Bava

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