Ronaldo and Sir Martin Sorrel make a dream team?

When I first read it in the Daily Mail that Ronaldo was going to transfer to the UK as an advertising student, I thought someone was joking. It's not as if his own sports marketing agency 9ine which he has been running for the past two years, isn't doing quite well already.

But it can always do better, and we are all students in life. The Drum confirms the story that Ronaldo will be under the wing of Sir Martin Sorrel himself.

Sir Martin Sorrell has agreed for World Cup winning former Brazil striker Ronaldo to join WPP on a temporary basis.

Sir Martin Sorrell said: "We have a joint venture with Ronaldo - 9ine - which has already had great success in Brazil with clients Claro and Duracell. He'll be working with us on that in the UK. We've also been working with him on the World Cup and Olympics."

Sounds like an internship, except I am sure Ronaldo will get paid handsomely and never have to make anyone else coffee.

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