Roquefort Papillon - taste you can't tame

So, your brief says that the product you will advertise is a high range french cheese which has a much stronger personality than its competitors, untameable. The media dictates "single page print and posters". The name of the cheese is Roquefort Papillon, "butterfly" in French. So what do you do? Read more to see the three posters.

Credits: Ad Agency : Ysa Ossard Latge (TOULOUSE-FRANCE)
Creative Director : Pierre-Yves Demarq
Art Directors : Pierre-Yves Demarq, Cédric Morvan
Copywriter : Alain Despaux
Photographer : Yann Robert

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KevinAshton's picture

I like 'em. The cheese, surely, is the malevolent force catching the butterfly, not the butterfly itself? Or am I missing their point and making up my own? It's late, but I like 'em, and a s a dumb man I now need to eat this cheese to prove my machismo, like it was hot sauce.

Dabitch's picture

Do any adgrunts hanging around at the mo' speak French? It seems to me that these visual mean something more like "catch" rather than simply "tame". Is "tame" one of those words that could mean a little of both in French? I mean.. Well look at the images, isn't it a little like they're saying catch the flavor? So I could see "untamable" in them being really hard to catch, quite simply.

I'm just not sure it works in English. Which it shouldn't, since it's a French campaign. ;) Just wondering what other people think of it.

mochazina's picture

I needed to get a few cheese for a dinner party on Saturday, and told my roquefort loving partner to get this one just beacuse "the ads are really nice!".
He did, and it was a hit, everyone liked it except me I hate roquefort.