Rubbish ads for the ASA

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) in the UK has begun an awareness campaign aimed at consumers to inform them of who to complain to about bad ads.

Today the campaign breaks with TV, banner ads, posters and print. The ads were developed by Columns Design and director Michael Keillor.

The deliberately bad ads that feature in the campaign are designed to stress that the ASA does not make any judgments upon the creative merits of particular executions, but only takes action when they are offensive, harmful or misleading.

You can check out the TV spot and other ads here.


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Now...we need the same campiagn in the USA

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We need something liek that aroundd here.

With less rubbish headlines tho. ;9

j/k - I do prefer the middle ad (not to make better advertising, sorry) - which has a very different tone rom the others.