Rythm & Hues - Life after PI - #LifeAfterPi225 the documentary

This documentary was filmed at Rhythm & Hues Studios, right as the company collapsed. You remember the green screen protest last year right outside the Oscar festivities where "Life of PI" won an Academy Award for its groundbreaking work, while the artists who created that work all lost their jobs as the company bankrupted. Life after PI concentrates on Rythm and Hues but still touches on the entire industry as the sudden death of such a successful company exposed how fragile the VFX business is, where artists aren't being paid for the work they do, all the while Hollywood is relying ever more on their skills. The industry was galvanized by the collapse, and protested outsourcing, no salaries, underbidding and dropped images all over the web showing what any popular movie would look like without them. #LifeAfterPi225 interviews many of the people who worked at Rythm and Hues, and shows events as they happened, be sure to catch it when it premieres online at Hollywoodendingmovie.com and if you want to show support while spreading the word, go green screen like last year.

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