Saatchi and Saatchi Stockholm enjoys the silence with Sony Ericsson

Saatchi and Saatchi, Stockholm has done an almost global commercial for Sony Ericsson which will be aired in "twenty to thirty" different countries. In the ad, several people sing Depeche Mode's song "enjoy the silence", and it's the first time this song has been used in an advertisment.
The most interesting feature of this mood-ad is that there's a transvestite in it. At least I think this lass is born a lad. Sony Ericsson - Enjoy the silence - (2008) :60 (Sweden)

Saatchi is also aiming for a world record in the amount of people who sing the same song and with the site created by B-Reel, Sony fans can upload themselves singing along to the same song. If the campaign works, a Guiness book of records place might be in order.

"I think that the current record is 275 000 [people singing the same song], so it won't be easy to beat. Be we're officially aiming for it."

said Stefan Bergström Sony Ericsson's Nordic communication manager to Resumé

Note: I've already tipped the soon-to-be-revamped Commercial Closet on the transvestite in this ad.

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Love that inclusion where the transvestite isn't a punchline. That's great!

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I can't decide if it's "daring" or just ... normal. It's normal isn't it?

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It's a cop-out. The transvestite is at the very end of the ad, which is removed probably in every market as a cell network provider is slapped onto the end. The closest that I've ever seen them come to the transvestite is when the ad goes all the way to the girl at the bar - then fades to a close-up shot of phone and some network-offer on 3 network.


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Doesn't seem like "an almost global commercial" to me. It's either "global" or "almost universal".

One of the best ads ever... ;)

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Well, the release called it "global" but I'm pretty sure there's more than 20-30 countries in the world. ;)

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There was over 230 countries a few years ago (by one list I had to populate), and says that there are 195 countries (note that some other places like Bermuda, Puerto Rico, Greenland, Palestine, etc, are often counted - even though they are NOT actual countries - they are governed by other countries. They are not counted by

I don't know if that number includes principalities (e.g. Monaco), or individual islands of some island groups, or territories - it's quite likely that the number I had used did include them.

Wikipedia has a list with 245 entries - which does include several of these types, and others - like Hong Kong, Macau, Guam, Aruba, New Caledonia, Abkhazia (Georgia), Republic of Kosovo, etc., etc. size>

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I thought you described it as "almost global", because it was produced by the Swedish agency and not by its U.S. counterpart. I can now see what you mean. My bad... Sorry! :p

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I had a feeling the how many countries questions would bring Allan1 to the thread. ;)

nitpick: Stockholm = Sweden + L.M. Ericsson = Swedish phones. Nokia is the finnish phones & tyres company.

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Am I that predictable? ;->

I had worked on a project where you could select one or several of the worlds's countries or continents, and see various facts about each of them, and the various areas that they were in (e.g. Sudan is in Africa, etc). The facts included population, population density, per capita income, major crops, level of industrialization, water quality, aerable land area, medical availability, militarization, political system, etc., etc.
No, it was not for the CIA World Fact Book (but that was one of our sources) - part of our data was sold to Microsoft for their World program, many years ago.
I needed to be able to list all of the countries in the world in a drop-down [combo box to VB'ers and/or Access people], possibly filtered by continent. So I needed to find lists of all of the (then) current countries.


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More like our resident trivia-king!

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... and Sony Corporation is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

Post edited. Thanks for the heads up! :p