Sabo "moving sale" parody billboards taunt anti-Trump celebrities

We had the pleasure of chatting with SABO about his street art; "Search and Destroy - the art of SABO, so we were expecting high level sarcasm and political posters from him during this election cycle. He created the deplorables as soon as the Clinton said the word in her speech. He told us that he wasn't for Ted Cruz, even though everyone thought he was then, but he was certainly against Hillary. Or rather, he is against everybody. Former adman in the trenches of the art studio, he was fed up with the un-creativity of the marketing world and now uses his skills to shake up an extremely liberal city. When the Hollywood elites threatened to leave to country if Trump won, SABO wasted no time at all. Right now, all over os Angeles these spot on graphical parodies of Sotheby's estate ads are showing up in neighborhoods near where each celebrity lives, offering their houses up for sale.

The Cher poster declares that she is "moving to Jupiter", where I'm sure she'll fit right in with her dress sense. Samuel L Jackson is packing up to move to South Africa, while Bryan Cranston, Amy Schumer and Lena Dunham are all moving to Canada. If Canada will have them, that is. It may geographically be "Americas hat", but it is a sovereign nation and not some sort of refugee center for celebrities.

Meeting SABO was very interesting, at one point he point blank asked me if I thought he was insane, which I do not think he is at all. INTENSE, is how I would describe him, and the man has a great myth around his art persona, as street artists need a degree of mystery for the artist to continue to operate. He has a twitter account called unsavoryagents and a Facebook where everything is written in ALL CAPS, extending his real world persona to the web. It is on his Unsavory agents website that you'll find blogs posts, and shops where you can buy some of the street art, buttons or t-shirts. They are so provocative I double dare you to wear them at any college in the United States right now. Sabo says that he is a former tank commander in the U.S. military, and took his pseudonym from the word “sabot," a device used in a firearm or cannon that ensures the correct positioning of a bullet. You may not like his street art, but they really are like well aimed bullets to hot air.

Artist: SABO

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