Sagmeister & Walsh NYC studio was robbed & robbers caught on camera

Sagmeister & Walsh, known not just for their impeccable style but also for stripping naked to announce things, have gotten robbed. Their studio was invaded and the value of the loss is substantial since it's not computers and gear, but the work that's been taken. The bold thieves made their way into the studio and carried out printers, laptops, computers and more - completely unaware of the brilliant webpage Sagmeister & Walsh have. When it launched, ages ago Stefan Sagmeister explained that he wanted the simple live webcam site, because what better way to show the clients what's going on in the studio, but letting them just look for themselves? This web camera captured the thieves in action, and if you've seen them or know anything about them, please contact the NYPD.

Via Creative Review.

Yes, it's a stunt - read Sagmeister & Walsh robbery hoax was created by Achos Barcelona

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I knew you were playing it straight. You can't fool me.