Sampoerna / The Tanya Kenapa - Ramadhan - backlit billboard, Indonesia

A friend of mine loves being a muslim in Sweden when the Ramadam falls in the winter, because if it falls in the summer "I loose my temper and so much weight" due to our midnight fun-sun we have. In the winter it gets dark so fast that Ramadan is hardly noticeable, except when it's over and you need a machete to cut through all that parsley and dodge the dates the supermarket has stocked up on.

Bates141 Jakarta created this campaign which used the back-light in the billboard to explain the concept of Ramadhan fasting to those who don't know. In the day, empty plates and bowls, at night - plenty of food. Gee, here I thought most people in the country with the largest muslim population in the world would already know this.

Bates141 Jakarta

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