Sara Lee Supports Whole Grain Campaign with "Crop Circle"

To support Sara Lee's Soft & Smooth Switcheroo: Take Your Whole Grain Sandwich to School Day campaign, Kansas changed its unofficial nickname, "The Wheat State", to "The Whole Wheat State" on Wednesday. Using 40 bales of wheat straw, 23 tons of crushed limestone and 50 bags of red mulch for the red Sara Lee logo, they created a "crop circle" or field art image to help support the program.

Sara Lee

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These crop circle ads are getting old and tired by now are they not?

caffeinegoddess's picture

Most definitely.

I'm not sure who this stunt is aimed at either or if it's more of a political thing.

SL: "Hey Kansas, change your nickname for us."
Kansas: "What do we get in return?"
SL: "We'll make some art in a field. Oh, and it's the right thing to do - people will think you're healthier for being Whole Wheat."
Kansas: "Oh, well then OK, sure."

Dabitch's picture

Please tell me that they paid loads and loads for the state name change. That's just weird.

Also, while a new media might get a little tired, it's never boring when the idea is right. We still find great posters out there don't we? ;)

TDD's picture

I'll guess it is a political thing. Politicians are so bad a doing so many things.

Wheat State. Whole Wheat State. Wheat bread. Whole wheat bread. Whatever.

How well was the farmer compensated for ruining his/her wheat... Wait a minute. Is that even a wheat field?

RLDavies's picture

Well, if it's Kansas, it's probably a wheat field. Or sunflowers.

Reminds me of this ad currently making the rounds over here: Hovis Invisible Crust

darrylohrt's picture

Next, they should buy Connecticut, and change it's name to the "white bread state."

bella's picture

The Hovis ad is better, as they remove the crust on the field.

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Will the crop circle spammers PUHLEASE go out somewhere and get a life and leave this thread alone? kthxbye. (Note: nobody but me has seen your spam comments - so you're wasting your time).

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Crop circle spammers - is that a special interest group?

Dabitch's picture

Heh, maybe - they're all different users spamming the same link and talking about crop circles. I've had to band a few IP #s as they got really annoying.

purplesimon's picture

What about the Vegemite spammers?

Dabitch's picture

No links in their comments. They might just be special interest groups, ie; really interested in vegemite. ;)