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Save the Kinder Egg - Überraschungs Ei Simpsons campaign - print, Germany

When Lukas Lidemann Rosinski, Germany, made this campaign their only goal was to draw attention to the special promo with the Kinder surprise egg & the Simpsons. But now the Kinder Egg itself is threatened by a ban, so I hope they're working on a "save the kinder egg" campaign.

Nasty surprise for children as Germans plan Kinder egg ban

The children's committee of the German parliament, which is responsible for introducing legislation, fears children might mistake the toys contained in the eggs for food and swallow them. Critics have also said that mixing toys and food is not helpful when trying to teach children the value of good nutrition.
The same committee meeting proposed a law requiring the paper in school books to be lighter to reduce the health risk of heavy schoolbags.

Agency: Lukas Lidemann Rosinski
Arno Lindemann (Executive Creative Director)
David Leinweger (Copywriter)
Hendrik Schweder (Art Director)

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Related trivia-bits - Kinder Surprise is actualli illegal in the land of the free. Seriously! They were banned in 1997. Eff knows why since you can still go get Kellogg's™ Lego® fruit flavored snacks, as if snacks that looks exactly like toys isn't going to confuse the heck out really teeny tiny ones (who should not be playing with lego nor eating candy yet but I digress).

Bonus: Have you seen this awesome creepy Kinder Surprise advert from the eighties? :)

Kinder Surprise - Humpty Dumpty Egg man - (1975) :30 (UK)

alex's picture

Oh, thanks. That’s twenty years of therapy down the pan. *cries*

Dabitch's picture

Glad to know I'm not the only one seriously freaked out by that ad. Sorry mate. ;)

Allan1's picture

How about those erasers that look (and smell) like food?

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That is a Sontaran from Doctor Who, and nobody can tell me otherwise.

Aww, I love Kinder eggs. Please don't take them away!

Allan1's picture

He's obviously a young Sontaran.

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Just a few weeks ago I was having a long chat with my art director about this very commercial. We spent many hours trying to recreate it as closely as possible before succumbing to YouTube to get the pronunciation perfect.