Schweppes Indian Tonic "Impressive" (2015) :30 (France)

Here's the english translation to a Schweppes spot that is making me thirsty. I'm fairly certain there is a sly French wink going on here.

V.O.: Ice cubes refreshing the glass
V.O. The Tonic falling slowly to maintain the sharpness of the bubbles
V.O.: And a final touch of lime to release all its intensity

And then the woman answers: Impressive

Agency: FRED&FARID Paris
Production Co.: Moonwalk Films
Producer: Julien Sanson
Director: Ben Briand
DP: Patrick Duroux

Editorial Co.: Nightshift

Editor: Leo Gatelier

Postproduction credits: Mathieu Caplan ( Color grading )

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Ah, the old "you thought she was flirting but it was just the check" gag.