Scions owners unite with ATTIK to create "United By Individuality" brand campaign.

With the creative approach ambitiously calling for hundreds of Scion owners to unite for a massive photo and film shoot, the monumental cross-media marketing campaign will evolve the brand's positioning and showcase its success in new ways.

"Our objective with this campaign is to celebrate the strong community of owners who have embraced the Scion brand," said ATTIK co-founder and creative director Simon Needham. "The diversity of Scions we had at the shoot was incredible, allowing us to create a phenomenal brand spot and many other campaign elements using owners' Scions. It was an amazing experience."

For several days in May, hundreds of Scion owners and their guests gathered in the Nevada desert for the "Scion United" owner event. While owners shared camaraderie, fun and entertainment, more than 300 of their stock and "from mild to wild" modified xAs, xBs, tCs and xDs appeared in Scion's photo and film shoots.

Images from the event - which looks more like a giant desert rave than anything else - inside.

See also the finished campaign Scion - "Declaration" - commercial and Scion - "United By Individuality" press & poster campaign

"Our enthusiastic and passionate owner body has been integral to Scion's success," said Jack Hollis, Scion vice president. "They let us know what the brand should be doing and understand Scion's core philosophies, including creativity and personalization. It only made sense to create an authentic campaign and have their vehicles at the heart of the ads. We hope this will show more of what Scion is about and it is just as exciting for our owners as it is to for us to see their vehicles in this national campaign."

Is that some sort of Scion gang sign? ;)

A unique custom-cover venture is also in production for the September issue of Tokion magazine, featuring each subscriber's name imprinted on a Scion vehicle as part of the cover artwork. Owners
who attended the Scion United event will also receive Tokion's September issue with a personalized Scion for cover art.

Billboard executions featuring an owner's Scion will run in 22 markets through October. The campaign's online and other out-of-home components will also be revealed over the weeks ahead.

Everyone has a camera or cellphone - don't you just love it?

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