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Sdia - Going All The Way - (2009) :1:45 (Israel)

The increasing popularity of the song led to some great collaboration, while still keeping the story a secret from the general public:

· The "Going all the way" ringtone ranked 9th on Cellcom's "Most Downloaded Ringtones" list (Israel's largest cellular operator) and was featured on the front page of the "orange music" portal.

· The "Going all the way" song was chosen as the soundtrack for a Nokia online banner campaign promoting their new music-playing handset. There alone, it was played over 80.000 times.

· More than 300 coffee-shops and restaurants played the song once every hour for an entire month (via YCD Company) and generated more than 150.000 exposures at hotspots around the country…and counting.

· The song made it to the "Guy Pines Show", the most important Entertainment show in the country.

· The song is on its way to MTV Europe and will be broadcast starting on World Aids Day.

Video Clip
Photographer: Eitan Nadel
Motion Graphics: Lior Sadeh – LivyatanVisual
and Elad Magdasy

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