Search server issues being fixed right now (hence the hiccups)

We're having some database & hardware issues today that I'm working on fixing, so if things appear weird it's because I jammed a screwdriver into the wrong place, spilled my coffee onto the motherboard or plain old tripped over the electric plug.


No worries though, I'll get it sorted out asap. Thanks for being patient with a lowly Art Director armed with screwdrivers, O'Reilly handbooks, swear words and a whole lot of wtf?.

And there's another shot of yours truly, are we a real blog now, since we post images of ourselves, huh huh HUH?



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alex's picture

Yes, but what did you have for breakfast?

Dabitch's picture

Messmör on thin bread (Sarek) rolled up. (Messmör is whey butter - boiled "vassle" or in english 'whey', the milk protein left over/usually poured out when you make cheese. It's thick and sweet and scares the hell out of my man - it's pretty neat stuff to use in food too)
I also had coffee with one sugar. Hmm. I can't think of any more boring things to say now. ;)

alex's picture

But that's interesting! It's a proper blog now :)

caffeinegoddess's picture

Love how you labeled what is what so we don't get dabitch confused with the screwdriver or server ;)