Seattle Police hand out free Doritos at Seattle Hempfest

Dude, the police are giving us Doritos! Yes, the Seattle Police have chosen the famous munchies chips as a vehicle for their information campaign A Guide to Legal Marijuana Use In Seattle, now that the weed is legal, but regulated. Katu news reports on the chips bag as information campaign:

"Seattle Police public affairs knew that we wanted to continue our education campaign regarding (legalizing marijuana initiative) I-502," said SPD spokesman Sean Whitcomb. "There's still a lot of confusion in Seattle and the rest of the state about what's allowed and what isn't; what the rules are and what's going to get you in trouble with the police."

Whitcomb says they figured Hempfest was the perfect opportunity to get the word out.

"A brainstorming session came up with the idea of passing out Doritos to festival goers and on each little bag is going to be a label that gives people some basic information and directions back to our FAQ on I-502, 'MarjiWhatNow."

The Seattle Police Foundation came up with the $260 for the 1,000 1-ounce bags of the chips.

"We chose Doritos because they're iconic as a delicious snack for people who might enjoy pot," Whitcomb said. "The goal's not to feed people and I know we're going to run out but at the same time we want people to know what the rules are, respect the vote and follow the law."

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While I dont' do the herb myself, this seems like a really awesome way to educate the public about a newly legalize substance. And besides, who can say no to free Doritos. Awesome!