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Secret - The Secret Kicker / #KickInequality (2020) :60 (USA)

Starring U.S. soccer players Carli Lloyd and Crystal Dunn, the idea of this ad is to highlight women’s social issues. 

I... I just don't buy it. My apologies, but this ad is so terrible, I think it does us a disservice. The execution is awful from the blue hue everything to the ASMR like 'gasp' from the audience. I know zip about American Football but I do know that taking your helmet off on the field is a 15-yard penalty. And, I can't believe that an audience is watching women on a field and not realising that they are women. 

According to Secret "More than two-thirds of girls believe that society doesn’t encourage women to play sports." Look, it's nice that you want to encourage women to be active, but the way to do that is with sponsorships to women athletes so that a career in sports is a viable option. And for fans, it requires you to go to the local women's games. I know, I've said this before, but it bears repeating. 

Client: Secret

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