SEK The crying hipster - Tiny Hole - (2015) :30 (Turkey)

Meanwhile, on Hipster Hill, in the pretentious coffee shop, disaster strikes. The tiny hole of the fair trade recycled eco friendly plastic mug, allows tiny droplets of coffee to fly through the air and land on the hipsters brand new espadrilles. Oh no! But fret not, SEK has a brand new non pretentious iced coffee with large hole, for the post hipster era. Come, join us.

(Hipster) - It's on my espadrille! (wail)
VO: I'll tell you something, but don't cry. We made our coffee bottle with a bigger hole, so you can't spill. SEK Iced Coffee.
(Hipster wailing) - I can also see the inside!

Brand: Tat Gıda / SEK
Brand Executives: Banu Demokan, Serap Sönmez, Burcu Özbakır Tül, Elif Eskin
Advertising Agency: BLAB
Idea / Strategy: BLAB
Production Company: Jaguar
Director: Emre Akay
Post Production: ABT İstanbul
Media: TV, Internet
’The Crying Hipster’ Illustration: BEE

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