SEK The crying hipster - Two Hands - (2015) :30 (Turkey)

On Hipster Hill another hipsteria attack happens when the hipster can not put his hand-knitted by blind buddist monks living in Peru alpaca sweater‎ on, whilst holding a pretentious coffee. Come, join us in the post pretentious era, dear hipster, have a SEK, a guaranteed pretentious free coffee now available in a cooler near you.

VO: I'll tell you something but don't cry. We made our coffee with a lid so you can put in your bag. SEK Iced Coffee.
(Hipster) OMG Shut up! Two hands is amazing! So good, wow.

Brand: Tat Gıda / SEK
Brand Executives: Banu Demokan, Serap Sönmez, Burcu Özbakır Tül, Elif Eskin
Advertising Agency: BLAB
Idea / Strategy: BLAB
Production Company: Jaguar
Director: Emre Akay
Post Production: ABT İstanbul
Media: TV, Internet
’The Crying Hipster’ Illustration: BEE

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Where are the creative team members' names?