SEK the crying hipsters - Hipsteria attack (2015) :30 Turkey)

Somewhere in Turkey, at Hipster Hill, the hipster central hipster coffee-shop, a hipster is having a hipsteria attack because he ordered his average coffee wrong. Isn't it nice to know they're fed up with hipsters in Turkey too? From BLAB, an independent advertising agency based in Istanbul, Turkey, comes this snarktastic campaign for SEK, a guaranteed pretentious free iced coffee. SEK, is one of the biggest Dairy brands in Turkey and their tetra packed alternative iced coffee can be found in all kinds of markets coolers. "As this generation of pretension and aloofness comes to an end, SEK positions itself as the coffee brand of the post-hipster era." Loving all the details, like the hipster opening graphic.

(Hipster) -Hey, can I have a double average (inaudible) coffee
(Barista correcting him) - You mean a double average whatever coffee.
(Hipster) - Waaail
(Hipsterette) - Oh no, he's having a hipsteria attack. Can someone call 911?

Brand: Tat Gıda / SEK
Brand Executives: Banu Demokan, Serap Sönmez, Burcu Özbakır Tül, Elif Eskin
Advertising Agency: BLAB
Idea / Strategy: BLAB
Production Company: Jaguar
Director: Emre Akay
Post Production: ABT İstanbul
Media: TV, Internet
’The Crying Hipster’ Illustration: BEE

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