Sensodyne "The Intimidating Campaign" (2016) 1:00 (Germany)

Each of those ice cubes in your drink are just waiting to cause brain freeze and pain in your teeth. Set to frozen breaking icebergs and a voice over that is a chilly as the arctic, this is the most intellectual ad I've ever seen for toothpaste meant for sensitive teeth. I kind of love it for that reason alone.

GREY Germany:
Chief Creative Officer: Fabian Kirner
Executive Creative Directors: Mark Hendy, Neil Elliot
Senior Art Director, Concept: Thiago Jacon
Senior Copywriter, Concept: Christiano Rocco
Copywriter/Scriptwriter: Saurabh Kejriwal
Production: Dirk Fischer-Rau, Benedikt Goerts, Katinka Wester

GlaxoSmithKline Australia:
Area General Manager: Elizabeth Reynolds
Head of Marketing Oral Health: Joy Delis
Senior Brand Manager Sensodyne: Makedonka Del-Ben
Marketing Associate Oral Health: Elena Klados

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