This sermon brought to you by Verlex Bank

We've seen ads popping up in unusual places but did you would you have expected them in church? As a trial run, St. Anthony's Basilica in Padua is running an ad promoting a local bank's mortgage and loan services in one of the aisles. Other tests includes posters for financial institutions displayed around the grounds. The funds are to go towards the upkeep of the church.

Berno said the interior advertising would be "discreet" to avoid disturbing visitors who come to pray or see the tomb of St. Anthony and bronze reliefs by Donatello, marble carvings by Lombardo and frescoes by Titian.

The objections are being led by Father Cesare Contarini, editor of a weekly diocesan magazine. "It's not such a big step from banks to crisps or swimwear. It will be no time before bikinis are advertised in churches," he said.

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That's hilarious! That sounds like The Simpsons episode when the church was destroyed and Reverend Lovejoy had to borrow money from Mr. Burms to rebuild it. To repay the loan, he had to place ads all over the church!