SETAPP "Birdhouse Fail" (2017) :30 (USA)

You have no idea how to put a birdhouse together. Even with instructions! You're lack of handyman skills is so apparent, it's a wonder you even have all the tools to begin with. Yup, that's how much of a moron you are. Clearly you have no business trying to do-it-yourself, but instead take a short cut. Use your daughter's doll house instead, stupid!
Is this you or someone you know? If so, then they'll love SETAPP, the shortcut to all the great apps on Mac. Because if you can't put a birdhouse together, you sure as hell aren't going to find the right apps for your mac. Stupid!

Agency: SuperHeroes New York
Managing Director: Rob Zuurbier
Executive Creative Director: Rogier Vijverberg
Creative Director: Niek Eijsbouts, Hunter Fine
Creatives: Ola Syse, Elliot Stewart-Franzen
Graphic Designer: Long Wu
Account Lead: Beth Irvin
Agency Producers: Severien Jansen, Yumi Yamsuan
Production Company: Good Engine Media
Executive Producer: Andrew Garland
Line Producer: Myriam Schroeter
Directed by: Pete Marquis & Jamie McCelland
D.O.P.: Eric Ulbrich
Editors: Christ Teibert, Huy Nguyen
VFX: Huy Nguyen
Sound design: Silver Sound
Client: MacPaw
Responsible at MacPaw: Yaroslav Stepanenko, Julia Petryk, Olga Ku

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