Shell - Refuel - (1997) 0:60 (UK)

"Mojave desert, 1997"... This is what refueling at 150 mph looks like. The F1 Ferarri doesn't have to stop, because Shell has enough passion to refuel the car on the go.

The film is not just a pretty fake done in CGI, Shell actually did this, had an airplane come in and connect to a hose of a fast-driving Ferarri.

In 1997, Shell pushed the boundaries of technical innovation with a groundbreaking display of courage and ability deep in the Mojave Desert. Formula One fans and the general public were united in their appreciation of Shell’s visually stunning ‘Refuelling’ advert.

Director: Alan Van Rijn
Production CO.: RSA/USA
Agency: J.Walter Thomson - London
shot in Mohave desert
Editor: Kevin Wheelan
Music: Jaap Eggermon

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