Shocking phone camera ad

About the new road safe campaign aired in the UK: "The campaign, which screened for the first time last night, provides a graphic illustration of the trend. Paul Jordan and Angus Macadam, the Leo Burnett creatives behind the campaign, have shot it using a mobile phone camera, the first time such footage has been used commercially. They loaned handsets to teenagers and asked them to film themselves. It ends with a graphic, and shocking, car crash. It's a grainy, low definition film, but that only adds to its authenticity, and, it is hoped, its likely impact".

Curiously I saw it yesterday at Sky News, the reporter was commenting on it ... yes - it's incredibly effective. Visually strong with great impact. I was cold blooded :D

Link to the Guardian here.

See the advert here: Road Safety. (Download the .mpg here)

The film is also here in the archive:

THINK!- pay attention / Cameraphone

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Yikes, yeah oi.. Rather unexpected to see that car at the end.

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It has that kind-of "Blair Witch Project" amauterish raw image, isn't it? Realism at its best!!