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Shoedazzle "Hashtag" (2013) :30 (USA)

Shoes, shoes, lots of shoes. Shoedazzle has a lot of shoes. Have i mentioned?

Production: SelectNY
Director of Creative Strategy: James Moore
Senior Art Director: Roxane Zargham
Managing Director: Angela Pih
Director: Maz Makhani
Production Company: Factory Films
Director of Photography: Maz Makhani
Executive Producers: Peter Martin/Nicole Ehrlich
Producer: Steven Johnson
Set Design: David Courtemarche
Editor: David Binns
Music House: Atlantic Records
Artist: Icona Pop

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fairuse's picture

Nice ad. Then I thought, there is something missing. Ah ha, branding; the only brand is the retailer. My wife is a shoe person and by osmosis I learned that shoe brands matter. Not like handbags where 'AAA' brand is a must have but more of a durable brand '99' is a better deal than pretty heel fail brand 'CH'. Plus the ad makes it quite clear the younger shopper is the target.

I have seen an increase in the type of marketing/business plan Shoedazzle is using. The most recent one is a less specialized online store called "Glit" -- I dumped it in SPAM. I am not saying Shoedazzle is SPAM but it uses many if the same gimmicks premium p0rm sites use when attracting customers. Oh, sorry, I drifted off center. Creative rewards - discounts - personal service and on & on. I read their FAQ - I shouldn't have: It read like shoe shopping utopia.

In order to see the product line you have to play their game; take a Quiz. Screen shot of my 'clicking' via SWAG, random picks and lie-like-a-dog system. I direct you to the last picture in the group. You must create an account before seeing anything. Call me old Fashion if you must but that is a prem-p0rn method. I was not going to send my info upstream to whoever, therefore, my conclusion is knowwhere to be found.


Maybe the chief stylist Rachel Zoe will add a conclusion:

RACHEL ZOE “Welcome to ShoeDazzle! Every woman knows the feeling when she puts on something that makes her feel sexy and glamorous. As a stylist, I am here to help you take your personal style to the next level, every day. ShoeDazzle brings you a personal stylist experience by curating major trends in shoes and more, and showing you what works for your style, whether you're keeping it classic or want to get inspired. I'm so excited for you to experience it.”

kidsleepy's picture

As soon as a brand wants me to sign in with email/facebook/anything, I go somewhere else. Even the legitimate brands that use this as a special invite only tactic are annoying. Fab.com is "invite only," or they used to be. I think by now we're all well aware you're only "exclusive," for three months or so, and then you open it up to everybody. It's not like the first adaptors get anything extra out of it.

fairuse's picture

Too true. I see this kind of marketing as trailing edge of Facebook pseudo-community or, for lack of a better name, fashion club. And who are the principals kidding, all that /personal stylist/ stuff is automated. You can be sure the hard sell is at the end of that 800 number.