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Should Paramount get pissed? Top Gun vs Top Gun.

US Navy Here's a case of "Logo inspiration" where it's obvious that they meant to do that, the company is after all named "Top Gun Entertainment".

Yes, just like that movie "Top Gun". An exactly like that U.S. Navy Strike Fighter Tactics Instructor Course which is called "Top Gun".

I feel like ripping this logo one more time and launching "Top Gum" with minty zest!

Compare Logos inside. Looks like two minutes in photoshop to me.

Top Gun Entertainment above is clearly tipping their hat on both name and design to that iconic 80's movie with Tom Cruise.

...Which in turn borrows its name - or perhaps only popularized it - from the United States Navy Fighter Weapons School where "TOPGUN" is the code name and common name of the U.S. Navy Strike Fighter Tactics Instructor Course.

Question is, who owns the trademark? Paramount films? US Navy? Or the late-comer Top Gun Entertainment?

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I'm 90% sure that Top Gun patch isn't an actual one in use by the Navy, but one created after the movie. TOPGUN was the codename for the fighter school--the actual logo patch is significantly different.


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I was thinking the same thing about the "Top Gun" logo shown on the patch. I have a book with an actual "United States Navy Fighter Weapons School" shoulder patch in it and it looks nothing like the "Top Gun" patch.

If you look closely at the aircraft (F/A-18s) in this video, you will see "TOPGUN" on the side of (at least) two aircraft. Note that it is written as one word, not two. All the official military references I have seen write it as "TOPGUN" and not "TOP GUN".

Your probably right, the "Top Gun" logo patch was created after the movie. I would say Paramount owns the trademark to the "Top Gun" logo.

Trivia: The United States Navy Fighter Weapons School has been part of The Naval Strike and Air Warfare Center since 1996.

P.S. I hate the "Top Gun" movie.

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Who doesn't? I never liked that movie.

And yes, I think you gusy are right about the patch being created after the film, making the original trademark Paramounts, and we all know that movie studios like to protect their stuff, right? So unless the Top Gun (sports) Entertainment company is somehow affiliated with Paramount/blessed by Paramount - I really don't see how they can use that logo...

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Wasn't the TOP GUN the highest earning U.S. movie of 1986? I still think it is a terrible movie.

The Top Gun Entertainment logo looks too much like the movie logo. I would think that if Top Gun Entertainment had permission from Paramount to use the logo, there would be something in the fine print saying that it was a trademark of Paramount. I think you're exactly right, a ripped off logo and, "...two minutes in photoshop."

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Dabitch - TOPGUN. A terrible movie? What on Earth are you talking about?

It's got it all. Love, sex, cars, bikes, fighters jets, violence, great one liners, Val Kilmer in nothing but a towel and most importantly - the coolest hand shake of all times (remember the beach volley scene).

Besides from perhaps laying it on to thick this could be the script for "Blockbusters for dummies".

Or something....

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Yeah, ok, I'll give you the "Val Kilmer in nothing but a towel" bit. I'll admit to paying attention to that! ;)

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