Shutterspeed makes shutterbugs make films

Something about great cameras seems to inspire photographers to make films. Films shot with their still cameras. Yep.

Right now there's a short film by Patryk Rebisz called "between you and me" shot entirely with his Canon EOS 20D available on his website.

Patryk probably hasn't seen the award winning commercial Nikon F5 Granny on Pier back in 1997, which was also shot with the Nikon still camera alone in order to show off how fast that shutter speed is - but you can. Funny how the idea god works isn't it? In one film it's the selling point of the camera, in the other it's just a technique to tell a story with.


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But is the later really just to tell a story?

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You mean it might be a viral film for the Canon? Hmmm... Perhaps - Canon should definatly give that photographer all the gear he might want - his film made me think they had terribly good digital cameras, and that's great advertising. ;)

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