Sid Lee does unoriginal "Trump against humanity" -PATHETIC!

As Donald Trump has been racing up the polls, ad agencies all over the US & Canada have been doing their best to make creative anti-Trump stuff. Alas, instead of coming in ahead of schedule and under budget, sometimes they can't even be creative. Earlier we Badlanded "Pieces of shit for Trump", where little flags are put in dog poop, with the 2008 Pieces of Shit for McCain campaign that also put little flags in dog poop. This idea is almost as old as dog poop. But now we have another contender, a great contender. A tre-men-dous group of Canadian based creatives, really like these guys, they're very nice and I love their families they have great families, who have come up with "Cards against humanity - Trump edition". I mean, look, I'm for it, but look - it's been done before. Sid Lee failed to find that has already been done as a Kickstarter months ago. I mean, look at this. You failed to reach the finish line first, you're fired. Okay?

"I’m here tonight to introduce you to a wonderful new idea that my team has been working on for a long time, and we are so proud of it. So proud. Everyone here I’m sure has heard of Cards Against Humanity, right? It’s a party card game that took the world by storm after it was first introduced right here on Kickstarter."

- so says the Kickstarter created by Scott_H, but wait, his kickstarter failed to reach funding. He too, is fired. Jeffry Da Silva is the co-executive creative director at Canada-based ad agency Sid Lee, and Trump Against Humanity began at the "Sid Lee Collective", an incubator inside Sid Lee where employees can develop non-commercial creative projects not tied to the work they're doing with clients. In other words, where people just do fun stuff because they can. Jeffry Da Silva had the idea around the beginning of the primaries, because "There was a period of about two or three weeks when there was just a massive amount of Trump lines in the news.”

“We were watching CNN at night, we were watching clips on YouTube and Fox News and everything. We had a bunch of team members scouring the Internet for the best line. We made a short list and we put them into the cards.”

Jeffry Da Silva and the team were looking for Trump sayings that would suit the cards against humanity level of ridiculousness. The team ultimately only elected to put about 30 Trump statements in the deck, his "best words". In the end at least the Sid Lee set of cards were created, there are 100 packs of the game sitting around the Sid Lee offices in Toronto. They posted about the game on the Sid Lee collective blog last week and it went "viral", as the kids say. If you want a pack you should go to and ask for one before they all vanish. There's a tremendous risk you won't be one of the hundred people who get a deck, unless you hurry. Look. We have to hurry. We gotta get this done, ahead of schedule and under budget.

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